Established by Terri Dowty and Phil Booth in 2011, TRUTH2POWER specialises in political campaigning and capacity-building for campaigning organisations.

We work with clients on all aspects of the campaign life-cycle: from helping plan, fund and structure campaigns, to tactical assistance including training staff and volunteers with all the skills they will need. Our focus is on maximising effect, especially when resources are limited.

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of campaigns fizzle out or fail within a very short time. Often they were worthwhile campaigns on important issues and the people involved had a lot of commitment and energy. Unfortunately that isn’t enough.

Which is where we come in. With a string of successful campaigns behind us, as well as one or two that didn’t succeed, we’ve worked out the essential ingredients of effective campaigning. It’s a skill-set that we’ve developed over many years, dealing with complex and controversial issues – some that, when we started, almost no-one at all seemed to care about.

Campaigns we coordinated have built UK-wide networks and coalitions, helped shift public opinion, set political agendas and even change legislation. Of course, no two campaigns are the same. Some need a high media profile, others will depend on political influence or the ability to build strong coalitions. It can take years to learn which approaches will work and to develop the skills to make them stick.

TRUTH2POWER has the experience and the know-how you need to build focussed, effective campaigns – and we can help you plan and execute them.

Speaking truth to power – a phrase most likely coined by African-American civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, which came to global attention through the publication of the 1955 book, Speak Truth to Power: A Quaker Search for an Alternative to Violence – is more than just a name. It’s our mission. We believe it’s not only possible, it is necessary to hold the powerful to account. Fighting wrongs and injustice – even when the odds seem overwhelming – is the foundation of a healthy democracy. Because ultimately it is the values and expectations of the people who care that set the limits for those in authority.

Yes, it’s political. And speaking truth to power carries a cost. But if you’re really serious about change, we can help. Get in touch.